SPBNDT is a Non-Statutory professional body therefore membership is voluntary and shall be open to any person who subscribes to the objectives and fundamental principles of the body as set out in Section 6 of the Constitution and who has paid the annual subscription fee as determined by the Board.

The SPBNDT adheres to principles of fairness and due process and endorses the principles of equal opportunity. It shall not discriminate or deny opportunity to anyone on the grounds of national or ethnic origin, gender, age, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, or disability.

A member shall be expected to subscribe to the Constitution and to the Code of Conduct.

Notwithstanding the above subsection, no person, regardless of qualifications or credentials, shall be admitted to membership of the SPBNDT unless the Board is satisfied that such admission would be in the interest of the Body. The Board shall be entitled to decline any application for membership or decline any renewal of membership, provided that a majority of its members are in agreement that such membership is not in the best interests of the Body.

The number of members of the SPBNDT is unrestricted.

Membership, and rights and benefits of membership are not transferable.

All information submitted by an applicant shall be regarded as confidential.

Persons apply online through the SAINT Professional Body website, www.professional-body-ndt that includes a database for managing the application and registration process and storage of membership records.

Member information is maintained on this database and is backed up in the cloud.


The membership of the Professional Body will comprise of the following classes:

Affiliate Member

A person who has an interest in the South African NDT industry or is engaged in NDT activities, possesses knowledge and / or practical experience which qualifies the candidate, to cooperate with skills development providers, in the advancement of their knowledge and practical experience, allowing him / her through a progression pathway to achieve Professional Designation status.

All members begin as Affiliate members and may remain Affiliates or progress to Designated Professionals.

IMPORTANT: Affiliate members are automatically Individual members of the parent body South African Institute for Non-Destructive Testing (SAINT).

All members, both SPBNDT and SAINT, are registered as Affiliate members on the SPBNDT database with the registration date used as the subsequent annual renewal date. The issued certificate indicates both SPBNDT Affiliate and SAINT Individual membership allowing members of both bodies to participate in the activities of the other with the respective powers and privileges as per the constitution of each.

Academic Member

A non-designated person, with applicable Tertiary degree, either in applied sciences or engineering, and who is engaged in NDT activities such as education, research, design, manufacture, implementation and evaluation of appropriate methods, techniques or systems related to inspection, qualification, certification and engineering of NDT.

Qualification and Certification Member

Companies and organisations authorised / recognised by the Professional Body to provide Training, Examination / Assessment and Certification to NDT personnel in accordance with ISO 9712.

Qualification & Certification Members are divided into the following titles:


All members participate in the activities of the SPBNDT and as such will be entitled to:



Duties of members include the following:


Application for Affiliate membership

Prospective members apply on line through the SPBNDT website.

Approval of Affiliate Membership

Approval of is performed on line by the Professional Body Registrar.

Renewal of Membership

Renewal of membership is required annually on-line through the website. Members will be alerted to their annual renewal by an automatically generated e-mail.

Revoking membership

Disciplinary Procedure SPB-OP-13 is used to revoke membership.


Members will be alerted to their annual renewal by an automatically generated e-mail.

Check and change your details uploaded at initial registration.

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