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A long awaited and exciting transformation within the Non Destructive Testing (NDT) industry is currently underway. During an NDT Indaba, held in February 2013 - following a very successful NDT World conference held in Durban - 2012, the need for an entity that can enhance the professionalism and quality of NDT within industry was expressed. The need for integration of the various training, qualification and certification processes into one workable solution, that would address the industry, as well as end-user requirements, was emphasised. While the framework / individual aspects relating to professional designation process has long been in place, the alignment of functions into one coherent process was required.
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The membership of the Professional Body will comprise of the following single class:

Affiliate Member

A non-designated person who has an interest in the South African NDT industry or is engaged in NDT activities, possesses knowledge and / or practical experience which qualifies the candidate, to cooperate with skills development providers, in the advancement of their knowledge and practical experience, allowing him / her through a progression pathway to achieve Individual Member status.



Members are divided into the following grades:

Designated Member

A professionally designated person in terms of the NQF Act (Act 67 of 2008).
Designated members are further divided into the following grades:


Level 1


Level 2


Level 3 (Administrative or Practical *)
*Practical requires current Level 2 certification.

Responsible Technologist

Level 3 (Company Authorisation with Company written practice).

Qualification & Certification Member

Companies and Organisations authorised / recognised by the Professional Body to provide Training, Examination / Assessment and Certification to NDT personnel in accordance with ISO 9712.

Q & C members are further divided into the following grades:

Certification Body (CB) Shall fulfil the requirements of ISO/IEC 17024;
Authorised Qualification Body (AQB) Scope ISO 9712;
Examination Centre (EC) Scope ISO 9712 & ISO TR 25107);
Approved Training Organisation (ATO) Scope ISO 9712 & ISO TR 25108 and recognised by CB).

Academic Member

A non-designated person, with applicable Tertiary degree, either in applied sciences or engineering, as well as applicable NDT (Level 2 or 3) qualification (s); and who is engaged in NDT activities such as research, design, manufacture, implementation and evaluation of appropriate methods, techniques or systems related to inspection, qualification, certification and engineering of NDT.

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